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Metropolitan Police asked AMV BBDO for a film to make their 45,000 staff feel proud. Of course, film scripts are usually works of fiction, but here, that didn't feel right — we quickly realised that all they needed was a mirror. So we hopped in the back of a patrol car, followed them around for a week, and then showed them what we had seen: from the 4am drug raids to stopping a man from jumping off a bridge, all in a day’s work.


And thanks to watching Run Lola Run at least 10 times in my youth, I found a soundtrack to match the sentiment: ‘What A Difference A Day Makes’ by Dinah Washington. The Deputy Commissioner said he cried when he first saw it, and who am I  to doubt him?

Director: Adrian Moat

Producers: Alex Heathcote, Greg Kates

Art director: Gina Kelly

Psst, it's not a public video. But I can give you the password.


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