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One of my favourite tasks is to help brands and organisations find their voice* — because HOW you say things matters just as much as WHAT you say. That's not the only reason brand voice is important, but if you've clicked on this page, you probably know this already.

What's with the gifs, Olga, I hear you ask. Well — most brand voice work is strictly for internal consumption, so I can't share full documents here. But trust me, if we work together, your own brand voice guide will have everything you need and nothing you don't. Plus I will show you and your team how to use it. 🎣


* the traditional term for this is 'tone of voice', while I prefer 'brand voice' — but whatever you call it, if you need to someone to take care of it, we can chat.


A tech startup doesn't have to sound techy. Brand voice documents don't have to be 50-page-long beasts. 
Proof: this short and sweet brand voice guide for Noze, a Canada-based startup pioneering digital olfaction.

Most cruise companies operate in the Sea of Sameness. But not Riviera Travel. They wanted their language to show how different the company and its clientele are from the rest of the sector — and I was happy to help. If you're interested in a cruise that doesn't feel like a Marks&Spencer’s advert complete with a breathy voiceover, give them a call.

Countingup is a business account for microbusinesses: mainly limited companies run by just 1 or 2 people who find accounting and bookkeeping perplexing at best. So who did they hire to work on their brand voice and copy? A microbusiness run by a solo writer who finds accounting and bookkeeping perplexing at best. I'm in the business of words, not numbers — so that's what I gave them. And it was a perfect match — because they're in the business of numbers, not words. 


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