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Get better at words in a more practical, less solitary way.

What's this?

A newsletter helping copywriters get better at words in a more practical, less solitary way.


Another newsletter, really? 🙄

Yeah, I know. But this one lets you practise what you’re learning and see how others are doing. Plus you might get personal feedback on your work.

How does it work?

In every issue we’ll cover a copywriting topic, tip or technique — with real-life examples.

You’ll get a practical task.

You can share your response with others, anonymously or not — and see what they’ve done with the same task.

There’s a chance you’ll get personal feedback on your work*
*I try to reply to everyone, but ‘everyone’ is a growing number, so it’s getting trickier.


How much does it cost?

Zero, for now.

Is it any good?

Here’s what people have said:

'The newsletter is top notch, full of amazing tips that I’m immediately applying and your feedback is the cherry on top.'

'These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing.’

‘I love love love these newsletters, and I'm not even a copywriter.'

‘I really enjoyed the ‘homework’ and will look forward to the next newsletter.’ 

‘The homework was so much fun. Thank you again for the newsletters!’

'Your feedback is gold! I appreciate it so, so much.' 

'I’m not saying I haven’t learned anything from the courses I’m taking and the books I’m reading, but these exercises are teaching me so much too! Specially because of your feedback.'

Who makes Writtn?

Writtn is written by Olga Pope — that's me. Hi. 👋 

I'd never heard of copywriting until 2012 (it's something to do with intellectual property and law, right?). Now I help all kinds of brands and organisations — from the United Nations to British Airways, IKEA and YouTube — figure out what to say and how. And I do it in my second language. Not because I'm some some kinda genius, but because copywriting is a teachable skill — and that's what Writtn is all about. 

Care to join us?

Sign up to get Writtn every month. Don't worry, I'm way too lazy to spam.

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